K Clinic was founded in 1987, especially providing a medical service to the patients with gastrointestinal and/or breast disorders.  The clinic is a outpatient facility staffed with skilled medical doctors at endoscopic examinations, mammography and ultrasonic device.   And outside specialist referrals are available when indicated.    

(1) Gastroenterology
    The clinic introduces Fujifilm’s latest endoscope diagnostic equipment.   Diagnostic examinations of nasal endoscope, peroral endoscope by specialists are daily performed.   Colonoscopic examination is planned near future.   Diagnosis results are explained with specific images, and we provide the copies of image information free of charge.
With the introduction of Canon’s ultrasonic diagnostic equipment, non-invasive tests of the abdomen can be easily performed like a stethoscope without the burden.

(2) Breast surgery
    By introducing new Fujifilm’s AMULET innovality, low exposure dose digital diagnosis mammography, we could archieve 30% reduction in radiation exposure dose compared with conventional mammography equipment.    Over 500 patients with breast cancer are diagnosed for 20 years.     And also benign breast tumors, inflammation (mastitis,
abscess and feeding problems) and fibrocystic disease are diagnosed by ultrasound examination and biopsy when needed.
 (3) General practice of Internal Medicine
    We always perform daily medical treatment by checking the background that causes Hypertension, Dyslipidemia, Diabetes, Heart disorder and many other Life-style related diseases.    (As a result/thanks to this daily performance) no outpatients have suffered cerebral or myocardial infarction in the last 10 years.
We also inoculate various vaccines as a measure against infectious diseases in addition to cancer screening, which is important in promoting preventive medicine.
    We are going to introduce a new construction of medical treatment system to cope with aging society from April 2020.
We plan to enhance on-site Visit medical care and home care, and carry out cancer risk tests, μRNA and gene diagnosis in cooperation with Tokyo Medical University from the perspective of preventive medicine.
(4) Medical examination (Commissioned by Yokohama City)
    Specific medical examination (40 years or older )
    Basic medical examination (75 years or older)
    Colorectal cancer examination
    Prostate cancer examination
    Breast cancer examination         (for only Yokohama City Citizens)